P is for Prey

by wootbot


He's trying to make friends. He's just really bad at showing it.

When you're born a Predator, people are going to stereotype. That's why when you decide to be a friendly Predator and make peace with the humans, you've got to understand that it might be easier said than done.

People don't assume that you're using your infrared vision to find a friend, and the fact that you're hidden in the trees while doing so doesn't help your image all that much. While we know you're really just trying to show your love by shining your laser sight on their heart, they might not get the same message.

So when you approach a person from behind, and they turn around to see you only a few feet behind them, please be aware that they might not realize how much courage it took for you to turn off your stealth camouflage and greet them. They're probably more concerned with the deadly claws at the end of your hand, so please make sure to consider that when you reach out to hug them.