Pandora's Box

by wootbot

I'm pretty sure I can just close it again.

3rd Place in Derby #276: Greece, Guest Editor patrickspens' pick!

"I really don't think you should do it."

"Come on! Maybe there's treasure inside!"

"I don't think there is, Anesidora. Didn't you read the label? 'All the evils of mankind.'"

"They only put that stuff on there to scare people off."

"Maybe it's worth investigating why people would want to scare us off from opening this thing, then."

"Come on! Where's your inquisitive nature?"

"Safely not being ravaged by horrible demons and soul corruption."

"Whatever. We can always just close it. I'm going for it."

Wear this shirt: As a warning to all those who would want you to open up emotionally to them.

Don't wear this shirt: If you can't reconcile Chinese animals in mythological Greek settings.

This shirt tells the world: "It was actually a jar."

We call this color: It was inavytable, really.