Periodic Table of the States

by wootbot


3rd place in Derby #337: The Fifty States, with 178 votes.

Hey, Chris, what's with all the boxes?


Um, you know, we have a one year lease...

"It's cool. I found someone to sublet my room."

Okay, but where are you moving?



"Yeah! Delaware! Great coffee, grunge music, go Mariners!"

Um, that's Seattle, Chris.

"Right. Seattle, Delaware." 

Seattle isn't in Delaware. It's in Washington.

"Oh, sure, if you subscribe to old-fashioned out-of-date cartographic boundaries. Not me, man! I like my maps to be built with science!"

I have no idea what you're talking about. But, you know what, that's okay. Why don't you just tell me about this new roommate.

"He's from Vermont." 


"Yeah. Classic Vermonter! Loves his improv, his deep dish pizza, and above all else, the Cubs!"