Periodically Fashionable

by wootbot

Calling All Nitpickers

1st Place in Derby #343: Patterns, with 216 votes!

One of our favorite Shirt.Wooter personalities is the nitpicker: The Carroll scholar who points out the misspelled nonsense word in the Vorpal Sword, or the amateur geographer who identifies a misplaced state slogan … Really! We love these folks because they help us save face and franticly post a fix at midnight CST. Without them we'd never realize our mistakes until too late, after the shirts had been printed. 

So today we're doffing our caps to the fastidious types by letting them know that there is a nit or two in this design that could be picked. It's something demanded by the design (it wouldn't work without it), but nevertheless true adherents to fact and correctness will find something herein that rubs them the wrong way. 

Tell you what, the first person to point out the aberration will get a special badge in their signature, courtesy of the Woot writing staff. It's our way of passive-aggressively saying "thank you" for your dedication to fact.