Pick Your Politic

by wootbot


Make a statement that'll show up on your bank statement!

Election season! The time of year when everyone wears their beliefs on their sleeves. Or, more likely, on their chests. Because, c'mon. Does anyone really wear shirts that have political slogans on the sleeves? If they do, they didn't buy them from us.

You see, we were thinking about voting and how great it is. It's a right that we think everyone should exercise. In fact, the only problem we could find was that we didn't get any money from it. And since the government refuses to pay us 12 dollars for every person who goes to the polls wearing Woot attire, we're forced make money the way we always do: by printing and selling some cute shirts!

So, check them out, and pick the one that you're going to vote for. And sorry, third parties. We're only doing the two big ones. So no Green Party Alligators or Libertarian Shrugging Atlases this time around.

Wear these shirts: to express your political party.

Don't wear these shirts: to express whether you like donkeys or elephants.

These shirts tell the world: "Political statements can be adorable."

We call these colors: I red the news and it made me feel blue.