Pinball Wizard

by wootbot

Say It!

2nd Place in Derby #319: Song Titles Reinterpreted, with 183 votes!

Some pinball wizard incantations:

"Loched fyor muhltee-bahl" - the incanted is made to disappear, only to reappear later except as two people.

"Bohnys dhoublyd" - the incanted's reputation and fortune are greatly improved but only upon his death.

"Mahgnyts ohn" - the incanted will be moved in unexpected directions dictated by electrical currents running underground.

"Shuut thii lehft rhamp" - the incanted will be given great wealth as long as he goes in the right direction.

"Ehxtruh bahl" - the incanted will receive one more chance after death to achieve his dream (hardly ever makes a difference)