Pixel Phoenix

by wootbot

From the Ashes

3rd place in Derby #339: 8-Bit Adventure, with 170 votes.

Oh, Billy! Why, hello! I didn't expect you home from school so early! 

What, no? I am not about to bring this bag of your vintage console games out to the the trash. I know that's what it looks like, but believe me, I would never, ever do such a thing without your permission.

What was I doing? Well, umm… I was… umm… I was just taking them outside to summon the Pixel Phoenix. You've heard of the the Phoenix, haven't you? No, not the one in Arizona. The bird that rises up out of the ashes. Well, the Pixel Phoenix is like that! It's a… umm… magical bird video game that rises from the discarded cartridges of my bygone consoles! Yes, that what it is! 

You just take them outside, throw them in the trash, and boom! Pixel Phoenix. Well, actually, that's not true. It takes a bit longer than that. How long? I'll answer that question with a question of my own: how long does it usually take for you to forget about things?