Primordial Snow

by wootbot

The More You Snow

3rd Place in Derby #332: Evolution, with 179 votes

Let me impart to you all that I snow:

There is snow beginning, there is snow end, and that's just how it snows. You are allowed snow rest. You simply work and work, waiting for the break to come, but snow and behold, it never does. Whenever you feel ready to collapse, those in charge pat you on the back say, "Snow rest for the weary! The snow must go on. Now, get out there and snow us the money!"

You may wish to stop this cycle, or at least snow yourself down, because as they say, snow and steady wins the race, but there is simply snow way to do so. You can only snow, snow, snow your boat through the rapids, crying out loud all the way, "Snow is me! Snow is me!" And what will you ever have to snow for it all? Nothing.

Because, as you now snow and in fact, have always snown, we are all of us frost in the woods of life.