Procrastination University

by wootbot

Oh Crap

1st place in Derby #272: College Shirts, with 672 votes!

Oh man, we were supposed to do this writeup like a week ago. It's going live in a couple minutes and we haven't written anything. How did this happen? Probably the way it happened for the last 100 Shirt.Woot writeups: By adroitly putting it off.

OK, OK, let's think for a second. We can cook something up real quick. Ummmm…what's been in the news lately? How about that Vice Presidential debate last night, huh? In our opinion, [your favorite candidate] showed real poise last night. And how about that baseball game? Can you believe the Tigers-A's series turned out like that?

What else, what else. Looks like things are heating up between Turkey and Russia. Watch out! Looks like Russia has been supplying Syrian with munitions, which Turkey apparently isn't happy about, because…that's bad. All right, we'll admit that we didn't really do our research on this one. We've been planning to get up to date on the complex diplomatic situation in Asia Minor but we keep kicking that can down the road…

Wear this shirt: until it gets too dirty to wear. Then wear it a few more times until you finally do laundry.

Don't wear this shirt: at the last second.

This shirt tells the world: "I'm going to pay off my student loans…eventually."

We call this color: Cranberry looks a lot like crimson, and crimson means smart.