Public Service Announcement

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #345: Snarky Slogans, with 198 votes!

The funny thing about a shirt that says, "I couldn't care less" that it disproves itself merely by existing. You very much COULD care less. For example you could wear a shirt that makes no mention of caring at all, thus illustrating your lack of care, because if you really do not care at all, then you're not even thinking about how much you care. 

In fact, why wear any shirt at all? Why go outside? Why get up in the morning? The person who lies naked in bed for days on end, that person is the one who truly cannot care less. If you were to go up to him or her and ask, "What is it that you care about?" he or she would be like, "What was that sixth word you said? I've never heard it before." Or maybe he/she would say, "Subaru Outback," because he/she thinks you're asking what kind of car they like in a weird accent. But the truth is, a person who didn't care about anything would have no preference in cars, so forget that last part. 

Basically, the point I'm trying to make here is… huh, I've kinda lost it. Meh, who cares, right?