Pumpkin Pi

by wootbot


Solve Our Homophone Fermi Problem 

Want to try something fun? Look elsewhere. Want to try something tedious and kinda nerdy? Then tell us how many homophone-joke shirts you think have sold in the history of graphic tees. 

Wait, whaaaaa? 

First off, a "homophone" is a word that sounds the same but has two different meanings (like "pi" and "pie").  

So we're curious how many of these shirts have sold (individual shirt sales, not individual designs) in the history of graphic tees. This kind of wild-guesstimate-problem is known as a "Fermi Problem" in physics, and is named after Italian physicist Enrico Fermi's purported ability to make very accurate estimates based on limited data. 

The purpose of these estimates is not necessarily how accurate they are (for we'll probably never know the real answer) but to provide the most compelling justification for the guess. For instance, how long do you think graphic tees have even existed? How long have they had homophone jokes on them? What percentage of graphic tees contain homophone jokes? How many graphic tees sell per year? 

Have a guess? Post it in the comments!