Pumpkin Time!

by wootbot

Bat For Laughses

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Awwww! Iz a kewt widdle bat and his pumpkin fwiend! Well guess what -- this writer was recently bitten by a rabid bat and finds this design neither cute nor adorable, but HORRIFIC. 

Sure, sure, lets celebrate these flying disease vectors instead of warning the public about the grave danger they present. Do you know what the cure for rabies is? Nothing. There is no cure. You die when you get rabies. You sit in a hospital and wait to die. 

Maybe this writer just doesn't "get it" because he had to sit in the ER all night while two nurses simultaneously injected viscous, anti-rabies antibodies into his hindquarters. Oh yeah, it's real funny -- laugh it up. 

Just kidding, this design is pretty cute. I did get bitten by a rabid bat a few weeks ago, though, so watch out! And don't get me started on cholera-carrying pumpkins.