Random Tee 2-Pack

by wootbot

Inverse Fandom

One of these shirts could change the course of your life FOREVER 

"Hey we're going out, you want to come?"

"I'd love to but I can't. I'm all tied up tonight." 

"Doing what?"

"Watching every episode of Doctor Who." 

"Holy crap, that's quite a project -- I had no idea you were a Doctor Who fan." 

"I'm not." 


"I'm not, but I got this Doctor Who shirt as part of my random 2-pack on Shirt.Woot. I want to wear it, but if I do everyone will assume I'm a big Doctor Who fan and make all kinds of inside jokes and stuff." 

"I see. So you're turning yourself into a Doctor Who fan because of a random shirt you got in the mail." 

"Precisely. But it shouldn't take me too much longer. I'm already on Season 3."