Reckoning Recon 10/23/12

by Sean Adams

Spooky things are afoot! Some shirts are DISAPPEARING! To where? Nobody's certain! Well, actually it's pretty straight forward. It's called the Reckoning and we do it every week. But c'mon! It's Halloween! Play along! Now, consider the following shirts to be "the main characters" in the horror movie. They're safe, at least for the beginning of the film.

  1. Procrastination University
  2. Consider Yourself Warned
  3. Shoot First
  4. Forty-Two U.
  5. The One Shirt
  6. The Cat in the Box
  7. Indubiously
  8. Wishful Thinking
  9. Much you have to learn
  10. Know Your Moons
  11. Unstealthiest Ninja 3
  12. Headless Horseman
  13. Downtime
  14. Nevermore
  15. The Binge
  16. Rex the Riveter
  17. Shhhhhhh
  18. The Formula For Success
  19. Zombie U
  20. Cat's Resume
These shirts down here, though, are in trouble. They're the security guard or the funny friend of the protagonist. If they're not careful, they're gonna be offed.

The Danger Zone

  1. The Monster Cookie
  2. Pumpkin Everything
  3. Not what I meant
  4. Two is Better
  5. I...GOT...IT!