Reduce, Reuse, Reargyle

by wootbot

Time to Save Argyle

2nd place in Derby #275: I Recycle, Editor's Choice!

People, please. Listen up: if we keep using it at our current rate, we will deplete our argyle resources within the next three decades. Imagine the blank socks, sweaters, and vests, sadly waiting for a colored grid that will never come? That doesn't sound like a world you want to live in, does it?

No! That's why we need to act fast! We need to look into environmentally-conscious argyle alternatives. Some of what's been proposed:

  • Electric argyle
  • Hemp argyle
  • Solar-powered argyle
  • Hydrogen argyle
  • Hologram argyle
  • Ghost argyle

A little goes a long way so please consider donating to a scientist working with alternative argyle... before it's too late!

Wear this shirt: under an open cardigan.

Don't wear this shirt: under an argyle sweater. That would be redundant.

This shirt tells the world: Argyle or else!

We call this color: brown as my compost bin.