Rex the Riveter

by wootbot

Budget Concerns

2nd place in Derby #270: Propaganda...FOR SCIENCE!, Editor's Choice!

Hey, Rich! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I was just looking at your budget requests for projects you've got planned this year, and I had a few questions.

So this stuff near the top - finding cures for debilitating diseases, cleaning up the environment, patching up the ozone - that's all great, exactly the sort of stuff we should be focusing on here at Broad Scientific Work, Inc.

But further down, things get a little... iffy. The one I'm really concerned about is this one here: "Building robot arms for tyrannosaurus rexes." Look, I know that at last month's pep talk I really pushed for us to "think outside the box" and "do things that no one would ever even dream of," but this just seems kind of impractical.

I mean, do t-rexs really even need robot arms? The ones that they alread have, while stubby, seemed to prove effective enough to catch pray and whatnot. And all of this is really skirting the broader issue, which is, dinosaurs are extinct.

Oh... I didn't read that far down... But you're right. There at the bottom of the list: "Bring dinosaurs back to life." Well, I guess that clears things up a little bit...

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