Ride The Magic Rails

by wootbot

Never Again.

The last time I fell for "magic rails" was in that night club bathroom.

Sure, buddy. Whatever you say. I'll just follow you to some dank corner of King's Cross and then poof, magically become a wizard. Has that line ever worked? Holy s---, is that an owl? How did you sneak an owl in here?

Look, man, normally I'm pretty chill about this sort of thing but you're really skeezing me out. The last time I fell for the ol' "last train to magic town" I woke up naked in a closet and covered in cigarette burns. I still get panic attacks when I see British women holding umbrellas. Just make with the magic dust. I've got $80.

Wear this shirt: While spending all day riding around the MetroLink.

Don't wear this shirt: On the monorail.

This shirt tells the world: "We're goin' off the rails on the muggle train!"

We call this color: Black Magic Woman