Rise of Cathulhu

by wootbot

Cathulhu Slumbers On The Mantle

1st place in Derby #335: Lovecraft, with 132 votes!

You cannot escape your past, Ochopika 

Whether the dreams brought on the fever or the fever brought on the dreams Ochopika did not know. Behind everything crouched the unspeakable, ancient nightmare of the old Maine town, and the small, cramped, draughty studio in which she scrawled out sketches of strange and unhallowed figures and formulae. 

Each dream was the same: She stood in the center of town, its quaint gambrel roofs looming and leering in the unearthly midnight glow, and in the center of town rose and enormous feline figure of impossible dimension.

Mew mewgth meowg t'mew taagamewth, the cat beast would scream in a brain-rending pulse of pure thought. She understood the language but could not translate it in meaningful English -- so malicious a portent it expressed that no human language could convey its true meaning. 

So Ochopika drew her cute cats again and again in desperate attempt to warn others of this ultradimensional menace. She had escaped now to Seattle, but was forever trapped by dreams in that unnerving Maine hamlet.