Rock, Paper, Dragon

by Wootbot

Technically “Crying Face” Isn’t A Playable Move

3rd place in Derby #156: Three , with 760 votes!

Of course, many games have changes since they first began. Chess, for example, was originally played with a “vizer”, not a “queen”. Croquet used to be played with the bloody heads of political enemies. And Dungeons and Dragons wasn’t always Advanced!

So, too, has the game of “Rock, Scissors, Paper” evolved to reach modern times. For example, in 1863, Alfred Nobel created dynamite during a frustrating tournament round, leaving ten dead and causing “musket shot” to quickly go out of fashion. But, just the same, there are some purists who work to keep the ancient traditions alive, even as the scholars of the game insist that there is no place for the supernatural. In the dark corners of the world, there still exist those who endure the suffering and sacrifice needed to master plays like “dragon”, “ninja” or even the dread “extra man”, a move that is only a rumor… or is it?

One can only wonder what the game might be like in a thousand years. Will “paper” be replaced by “iPad”?

Wear this shirt: fortknightly. Also, interesting fact, that used to be fortkennedy until they changed it back. Probably some political reason.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you’re Qvwyzj Foghlump. Aw, don’t look so sad, Qvwuzj. Okay, okay, fine, we take it back, you can wear it.

This shirt tells the world: “There’s always someone better.”

We call this color: Casphaltle. You Want To Pronounce That? Best Of Luck.

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