Roles Played in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

by wootbot

The Bluthwalkers

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You've probably heard a lot about the new season that was just released on Netflix, but I for one really liked it. The way that each episode followed individual characters was really cool, even if it made for some less funny moments. 

For instance, Leia's episode is hilarious. The entire episode takes place on Jabba's cruise ship the "Star Jewel." Leia and Luke take out a "NINJA" loan (No Income, No Jobs, No Assets) from Jabba, but that plan turns sour when Jabba puts a bounty on their heads. 

A lot of people think the new episodes aren't as good as the original trilogy, but it's just different, you know? Sure, the jokes about Jar-Jar being a never-nude seem a little stale a decade later, but overall the experience is worth it. 

Well, I don't want to spoil the entire season for you, but you can sit down and watch the whole thing right now. Just don't tell Fox's lawyers about this writeup. Please.