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by wootbot

Nothing to See Here

2nd place in Derby #283: Slogans for Animals, editor's choice!

ERROR: The item, "SHIRT.WOOT PRODUCT WRITEUP" cannot be displayed at this time. The cause of this error is most-likely one of the following:

  • Cats were referred to but there were not enough words devoted to describing their quirkiness and/or level of cuteness.
  • There were 2 or fewer links to hilarious cat videos/photos in the text.
  • There was a general feeling animosity and/or apathy towards cats.
  • There were 4 or fewer cat puns.
  • Cats were compared to dogs in an unfavorable way.
  • Cats were implicated for doing something bad and/or unpleasant.
  • There were no cats.

If you would like to see the writeup, please contact the website, "SHIRT.WOOT.COM" and demand they rectify whichever of the above transgressions they have committed.

Cat Catly
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