by wootbot

Unravelers of the Lost Acrylic

Every kitty loves a good adventure yarn.

LUCAT: This is only going to work if we really capture the mythic, hero's journey aspect of those old adventure serials. I'm reading all the Joseph Catbell I can get my paws on.

SPIELPURR: A larger-than-life hero needs larger-than-life temptations along the way. Not just a mouse but a golden mouse.

LUCAT: A catnip mouse?

SPIELPURR: Catnip scans as gold onscreen.

LUCAT: Yeah, yeah. And the hero has to be torn between the danger and hardship of his journey, and the lure of adventure. The irresistible ball of yarn, but instead of batting it around, it threatens to bat him around.

SPIELPURR: Curiosity kills, exactly.

LUCAT: Listen, another thing: during these meetings, could you please not lick yourself there?