by wootbot

Lost Luster

Serenity now.

[Ding Dong]

“Hey, Gurtrube.”

“Ugh. Robort, we broke up, like, twelve years ago.”

“I know, but … it’s almost the anniversary of the day we met.”

“Rob, why do you do this to yourself? Why do you do this to me? I know it was a special time in our lives, but it just wasn’t meant to last. Sometimes things are like that.”

“But it was so special, Gurtrube. And every day I feel like it ended too quickly. I just … I want it to last forever. Why can’t we bring it back?”

“Okay, listen: Sometimes a relationship can drag on and on and on. And with every agonizing year, it becomes less and less meaningful. It loses that unique and wondrous and indescribable thing that makes it so perfect. We’ll never have to worry about that. What we had was brief and beautiful. And besides, Rob, sometimes things are really more special to us as a memory. That’s nostalgia for you. If we embarked on a relationship now - today - I bet it would be kind of terrible, and we’d both be like, ‘oh man, why’d we ever bother with that?’ Do you get what I’m saying, Robort?”



"Wanna get lunch?”