Salvage Title

by wootbot

Cover Me

You better have good insurance!

Competitors will tell you that they've got the best insurance package around, but the truth is, only Brothers' Insurance (and Plumbing) Service can cover 100% of all:

  • Banana Peel Damage
  • Green Shell Damage
  • Red Shell Damage
  • and Blue Shell Damage

And that's just what you get in the basic package! Premium customers are also covered for all:

  • Lava Damage
  • Dancing Crab Damage
  • Other Driver Has Turned Into a Giant Bullet And Knocked Me Off The Road Damage
  • Messed Up At The Beginning Tire Wear
  • and Fell Off Rainbow Road Tow Truck Costs

In fact, the only thing we don't cover is the damage to your self-esteem when you can never seem to win a race! So sign up today and GET PROTECTED!

Wear this shirt: while hiding away inside your shell.

Don't wear this shirt: if you're in 1st place. You're just kinda asking for it then.

This shirt tells the world: "Some things should stay in the pixelated world."

We call this color: Baby Blue Koopa