Saving Throw

by wootbot

We've All Had THAT Friend

Third Place in Derby #280: Gamer Lifestyle, Guest Editor orabbit's pick!

"Okay, you're faced with a howling Goblin Elite Guardsman. He looks pretty tough, and he's really mad."

"Okay, I smash him with my club."

"Woah, woah, woah! Not so fast, buddy, heh. You need to roll for initiative."


"You know, to see who acts first."

"I do. I just said I do."

"That's not how it works."

"That's how it works in real life."

"Well, there are rules and mechanics in this game that-"

"THAT MAKE IT STUPID AND NOT FUN. Fine. I rolled a 2."

"The Goblin rolls a 16. He attacks first, swinging his wickedly-curved scimitar in a fierce arc down at your chest."

"I dodge."


"I dodge. I duck down and roll to the left, plunging the dagger I keep strapped to my forearm deep into his belly."

"You can't do that. He has to roll for his attack."

"The attack I just dodged?"

"You only get to dodge it if he rolls under your Armor Class."


"Hit! You feel a sickly warm spot spreading in your armor as blood pools in your breastplate."

"I cannot even express to you how little I care at this point. Wake me up when someone actually DOES something."

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