Scan This

by wootbot


3rd Place in Derby #366: 10K Round IV: Speciality Ink, with 292 votes!


Boop. ”Welcome to Gorgy’s Groceries. Boop. Did you find everything you were looking for today, sir?” Boop.

”I did, thanks.”

"No problem. Bip. Hmm. This one doesn’t seem to be scanning."

"Uh, no. It’s the shirt I'm wearing on my person."

"Hang on, let me get Kevin."

"You don’t need to get -"

“Kevin to register 4 please, Kevin to register 4.”


"Kevin, this isn’t scanning correctly, see?"


"Weird. Let me try."


"I don’t like this, guys. Quit pointing that at my torso."

"Sorry for the inconvenience, sir. We’ll get this figured out as soon as possible. Kevin, maybe Kelly can help scan this."

"Yeah, okay. I’ll be right back. I’m just going to go get the manager."

"Yes, I heard your colleague, but you don't need to -"

"Be right back!"


"Kevin will be back soon, sir. Sorry to make you wait."

"Listen, this is never going to scan properly. It’s just a nifty shirt about books."

"One second, please. Kevin, while you're back there, can I get a price check on books?"