by wootbot

How do you do it?!

3rd Place in Derby #315: Inspired by Van Gogh, with 233 votes!

My medium? Well, that's complicated. Kind of a mix between sculpture, painting, and black magic.

First thing's first, I build a scare crow modeled after a historically famous painter. Like this one of Pablo Picasso. Or this one of Vincent Van Gogh. Or this one of Jackson Pollock. Or this one of Jim Davis.

Then, in a ritual that involves equal parts goats' blood and tears, I summon the spirits of said famous artists from the world beyond and ask them to take hold of my scarecrows for the purpose of painting their visions. Except in the case of Jim Davis. For that one, I just had my people call his people.

The possessed scarecrow then paints a painting. This cubist piece here is from the Picasso scarecrow. This swirling nightscape is by the Vincent Van Gogh scarecrow. This giant canvas of dribbles is by the Pollock scarecrow. This cartoon cat eating lasagna is by the Jim Davis scarecrow.

And that's about it. Pretty simple stuff. Learned it all at RISD.