by wootbot

Can You Spot Em?!

2nd place in Derby #266: Single Line, Editors' Choice.

Just a seahorse? Just a fun, cute seahorse? Just an intricate, interesting line drawing? That's all there is here, right?


You see, there are, in fact, 17 cats hidden in this drawing. Look closely. Like, very closely. Like, use a microscope, because they're hidden good. For example, in the eye hole, four microscopic cats are playing with an even more microscopic ball of foil. And in the curl of the tail, a clump of six tiny, tiny cats napping together. That leaves 10 more for you to find on your own!

And those are just the VISUAL cats! There are many more implied cats, metaphorical cats, cat auras, and cat sensibilities buried deep in here! Why, this shirt of a "seahorse" is actually the cattiest cat shirt we've ever sold!

Wear this shirt: to the horse races.

Don't wear this shirt: to the seahorse races. It'll get wet.

This shirt tells the world: "I'm the big genus on Hippocampus!"

We call this color: The navy is now actively recruiting marine life.