Seal Of Reproval

by wootbot

Signed and Sealed

They really are turds sometimes.

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Some things you probably didn't know about orcas:

  • They never use their blinkers. And it's not just like they forget; they think about it and then say, "Nah!" before swinging their SUVs into the passing lane like they own the friggin' road.
  • Orcas eat bees. Not for sustenance. Just because they want to rid the world of bees.
  • They always answer their cellphones in movie theaters and then tell YOU to shush if you try to keep it down.
  • They never cut those little plastic ring things that hold-together six-packs, and when they throw them away, they say to each other, "Time to go fishin' for some ducklings." And then they laugh maniacally and high-five.
  • When asked about improving arts education funding, a representative for orcas replied, "I'd like to express my answer in the form of a fart." Then he farted, like seriously farted.

That's all we've got. Do you have some orca facts you'd like to share? Go ahead and post them in the comments!