Sew Shop

by wootbot

Sew, so?

2nd Place in Derby #360: Americana, with 388 votes!

This is why we need to communicate via email, Charlie. You say you want ads in every magazine for your new flag-making reality show, but over the phone, without ever seeing it in writing, I had no idea if it was called "So You Think You Can Sew" or "Sew You Think Can So." 

So I make an educated guess and told the magazines it was "Sew You Think You Can So." Yes, it WAS, in fact, an educated guess. I just happened to be poorly educated. I went to college in a hospital. Because of my disease.

But look, let's not dwell on the past. Let's look to the future. We can use this to our advantage, Charlie. How? Two words, "Hang the contestants upside down!" Oh, is that more than two words? I wouldn't know, because again, I had a bad education. Thanks for bringing it up, AGAIN!