Shakespeare's Pencils

by wootbot

He Struggled

3rd Place in Derby #350: The Renaissance, with 168 votes!

To know or not to know, that is the question… no… Erase that… to love… nah, too schmaltzy, erase-erase-erase. To comb? Nah. To prod? Too grabby. To slather? Hmm… to slather or not to slather… something just sounds wrong. Let me just erase that… nice.

To hug? Nope. To jiggle? No. To masticate? To whack? To marinate? Ugh! No! No! No! Not to render. Not to alleviate. Not to mince. Not to bro-down. It's just one verb? How can this be so friggin' hard?? What about keeping it basic? To be or not to be? NO! THE WORST ONE! SO BORING! Let me just… Oh crap, my eraser's down to the metal part. Guess I gotta leave it…