Shirt.Sightings: Woot Tees In The Wild

by Scott Lydon

Every now and then our shirt.woot team steps out of their office to see the world. And sometimes, while they’re out there, they see YOU! Here’s some of the freaks who buy and wear our clothing.

New York artist Reuben Negrón was styling Suburban Blitzkrieg as he prepared for his solo show at Like the Spice Gallery in Brooklyn. Reuben also wants to invite all shirt.wooters to his opening night on Friday, May 21st, from 6:30 – 10:00 pm! If you’re in Brooklyn, stop in and say hi!


That’s not enough for you? Well, then, you’ll be happy to know…

...that we’ve been on the tee vee! Here’s “Mikey” on NBC’s Chopping Block, wearing a lovely Grilled Cheese that just melted in his… chest.


We’ve also been featured on the NBC show Southland (thanks for the heads-up, sirrix)! Here’s a shot from the dramatic moment when Finding Technicolor reveals it’s been sleeping with Mona behind Delphenia’s back.


We were thinking that maybe NBC just likes us (we write for cheap, NBC, call us, xoxo) but then sharp eyed forums poster Monkeypants8284 noticed Friends Are Forever on the ABC Family show Greek. That makes us a cross-network phenomenon. Next stop, the USA Network! All aboard the fame train!


But don’t you worry, we haven’t sold out to “The Man” just yet (seriously, NBC, call us). Our shirts still have street cred. Here’s hard rockin’ proof that Wil Wheaton’s How We Roll is bigger than The Beatles.


And then we found some dork wearing Octospelled. Probably talking about elves using Linux or something, we didn’t really pay attention. But it was really strange how he sounded just like the Blue Beetle.


Of course, we found a whole nest of consumers at SXSW.


We were really rude and didn’t get any names. Or if we did, we forgot them immediately. That’s because blogging is a cruel game. Don’t hate the player. Just be glad we remembered our camera.



This guy proves that even our more controversial shirts have a fanbase. Maybe one day we’ll even see that broccoli shirt out and about. Stupid broccoli shirt.


If you really want to, you can hit our SXSW Flickr Page to see all of the people that we met. And remember, you never know when and where we’ve placed our agents. So be ready, and wear a shirt.woot shirt at all times. It might make you Internet Famous!


Additional photos and screen-caps by Thomas Williams and Nathan Fenster.