Shirt.Woot’s Birthday Party: We Smell Like One, Too!

by Jason Toon

Remember that Shirt.Woot birthday party we told you about? Well, we weren’t just blowing candles. Consider this your engraved invitation to celebrate our first year with us. Like everything worth doing, it takes place in St. Louis, MO, the new North American headquarters of Belgium’s biggest brewing company. The deets:

When: 8 PM till 1 AM, Saturday, July 26

Where: on the back patio at The Royale, south StL’s finest purveyor of spirits and home to a tournament-grade washers court, located at 3132 S Kingshighway Blvd

Who: the Shirt.Woot mob, including The Rejectorator in the flesh, and DJs Barbara Cliffe, Mark Early, and MC CMC - plus you, if you’re man enough

What: games, prizes, shirt-swapping, knife fights, alcohol abuse, cake

Why: for kicks, man, for kicks

Wear your Shirt.Woot shirt to win a very special prize. Well, pretty special, anyway. Like, a 7.5 on an ascending 10-point specialness scale. If you’re under 21, the government says you have to leave at 10 PM, but hey, there’s always the City Museum for late-nite all-ages revelry.

We’ll be there with shirts on, and we hope you will, too. It’s a rare one-year-old indeed who gets to have a birthday party at a bar. And as at any other first birthday party, there’s sure to be lots of crying and vomit!