Shooting Blanks: All Tee, No Graphic

by Jason Toon


If you love everything about Shirt.Woot tees except the designs, then clear some room on your torso. Our Shooting Blanks event offers the same high-quality, all-cotton shirts we print on before we print on them – and we’re passing the savings on to you. Take your pick of any of 18 colors, or take your chances with a Random 3-Pack, all for way cheaper than the manufacturer’s retail price.

What’s the big idea? As we prepare to make some changes to our shirt supplier, we need to get these blanks out of the way. It’s a chance for you to add some versatile pieces to your wardrobe, and a chance for us to free up some warehouse space. Shooting Blanks will run through this Sunday, February 26, and shirts will ship beginning February 29. Come on and join the blank generation! Blank power!

Those of you who prefer to let your t-shirts do the talking: we will return to our regularly scheduled design-based events next week. And there’s always our selection of graphic tees available in the Reckoning to fill the void in your soul and on your chest.