Small Game Hunter

by wootbot

Aim Low

Facing difficult tasks if overrated.

They say that overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges is a reward unto itself. Baloney. Sometimes challenges seem insurmountable for a reason: They are. Far better to set your sights a little lower and encounter little to no resistance. And as a galactic sport hunter, I know a thing or two about setting reasonable goals. 

For instance, there was a time when I thought I should try to hunt every species in the galaxy. But then I ran into this one HUGE, gap-toothed species (I think they were called Gumans or Hootins or something) that totally kicked my butt. And suddenly I had this realization that I should stop trying to bite off more than I can chew and settle for the low-hanging fruit.

Listen, I'm a feared hunting machine. I'm allowed to mix metaphors every once in a while.

Wear this shirt: until the screenwriter comes up with an excuse to have it come off.

Don't wear this shirt: thinking it will hide you from heat-seeking devices. That doesn't make sense.

This shirt tells the world: "And you thought that one cross-over was the end of it."

We call this color: Heavy is the severed head that wears the brown.