Some Very Dandy Aliens

by wootbot

Parasitimus Dandius

It's just bursting with flavor.

Did you know there is a parasite that feeds only on high-society aristocrats and landed gentry? It's called the Parasitimus Dandius. Here are a few interesting facts about it:

  • While it lives in the stomach, the Parasitimus Dandius feeds primarily on its host's sense of entitlement.
  • The Parasitimus Dandius learns about its host before entering his or her system. How much does he or she discuss polo? Does he or she refer to his or her house as a manorr? Does he or she eat foie gras at the rate others eat hamburgers? The Parasitimus Dandius pays attention to all of these things.
  • The Parasitimus Dandius can prove deadly, and for this reason it is considered the second-most fearful thing among the people it prays, right below a well-educated lower class.
  • Affected parties should rest assured that the Parasitimus Dandius is a very classy parasite, and that if you have one in your tummy, you can be certain that it is decorating nicely and not too gaudily as to be mistook for some nouveau riche moron.

Hope that helps clear things up!