Souvenir Shirt

by wootbot

Butt How!

2nd Place in Derby #302: Vacation Slogan Shirts, with 284 votes!

If you think dysentery was funny in Oregon Trail, you should see it in real life! Believe us, it is a LAUGH-A-MINUTE illness! Seriously, when your intestines start acting up, get ready, because what follows is a veritable parade of yuk-yuks! 

It starts with diarrhea, which is hilarious on its own, but you're kinda like, "What? That's so played, dysentery!" And dysentery is like, "Yo, look a little closer cuz I'm taking this to the NEXT LEVEL!" And so you do look closer and sure enough, there are traces if BLOOD and MUCUS in there! Can you say L-M-F-A-O? No, you can't because you're laughing so hard! Also, you're suffering from a fever, abdominal pain, and rectal tenesmus.

Wait, you haven't heard of rectal tenesmus? LOL! IT'S SO FUNNY!