State of Denial

by wootbot

Perfectly Content

3rd Place in Derby #302: Vacation Slogan Shirts, with 210 votes!

You don't need to buy this shirt. We'll be fine.

Don't worry about us. We understand you've got important things to do, and we totally understand if you don't want to buy a shirt from us right now. Really, we're doing fine on our own!

Seriously, we know you've had a long day, and you probably just want to go home and take a nap, and that's okay! Do it! Really, we don't need the money you're offering to give to us. It's no big deal! None whatsoever.

Honestly, it's okay. We'll be fine. We appreciate the consideration, but really, truthfully, we're happy that you're not buying this shirt. In fact, we're thrilled! We couldn't be happier!