Steamboat Stevie

by wootbot


Something for everyone.

The Woot Writer awoke to quite a surprise
For there, directly before his very eyes
He saw something he never thought he would:
A pop-culture reference he actually understood!

He had never been a big fan of Mr. Joss Whedon,
Mario Brothers was a game he never had beaten, 
G.O.T. and W.O.W. stood for things he never knew,
And of "The Doctor," all he could say was, "who?"

He had bolstered his knowledge of geek media
By talking to nerds and reading Wikipedia
But recently, his patience had begun to wear thin
A penguin dressed as Sherlock? Where do you begin?

This, however, his eyes he could scarcely believe
Gazing upon the mash-up of Mickey and Steve
To himself he mumbled, "could it possibly be?
A shirt appealing to my hipster sensibility?