Still Alive

by wootbot

Lesson Learned

Live every day as though a tortured intrepretation of an ancient text predicts it will be your last.

Those of us who bought into the end-of-the world theories had a great month. It turns out we were wrong, but we spent the last few weeks living it up: Driving go-carts, eating troughs of fudge, kissing their middle school crushes, and generally kicking up our heels.

That's right, if the Mayan apocalypse taught us anything, it's that we should live every day as though some wingnuts predict it were the last. Nothing frees you from your everyday worries like getting caught up in a doomsday prophecy. Believe us!

So what if the world isn't ACTUALLY going to erupt in a fiery cataclysm. The fact that we think it might pulls us out of our comfort zones and makes us doing things we'd never have imagined ourselves doing? You know that liquor store on North ave that got knocked over a few weeks ago? Wink wink.

Have you heard that the ancient Sumerians believed that the world would end on January 3rd, 2013? That's because they didn't, but if you BELIEVE they did then you're going to have the best few days of your life!