Supurrrr Friends

by wootbot

With Great-ish Power

Alexander the cat is no ordinary cat, but Supurrr Cat! 

Alexander was just an everyday cat living in a studio apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, until he was trapped inside his owner's experimental transmogrification machine with another cat. He emerged with the powers of a cat and calls himself SUPURRRR CAT! 

Although he still retains the body of a cat, Alexander has also been endowed with the preternatural reflexes and intuition of a cat. Able to leap in the air a distance many times his body length, this Supurrr Cat's combination of cat-like smarts and cat-like physique set him apart. 

What is that sound? An injured bird on the street? Supurrr Cat races with the speed of a cat toward the window, and gazes fixedly on the ailing avian with his piercing cat eyes. Yes, Alexander's newfound abilities may grant him extraordinary powers, but he has also adopted the keen hunting instinct … of the CAT!