Surprise Robbie Lee ShirtStorm!

by wootbot

Live at Lee-ds

Oh, Robbie! We love you.

We interrupt this write-up to bring you this SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Robbie Lee designs are like potato chips; you can't sell just one! That's why we decided to launch this SURPRISE ROBBIE LEE SHIRT STORM! So have at it, Lee-heads! Get all your favorite Robbie Lee designs RIGHT HERE! We now return to today's write-up (for design "Gotta HAND it to Her"):

You see this design and you just ASSUME one (the girl) is good and the other (the robot) is evil. But what if we told you there was more to this story? 

For example, what if we told you that the girl was a member of an abrasive dubstep group that was playing in a Battle of the Bands? And what if we told you that they were going up against none other than noted robot bluegrass group, The Robo Pickers? And what if we told you the robot pictured was the Robo Pickers' right-handed banjoist who employed the 3-finger Scruggs Style (named such to commemorate the achievements of banjo legend Earl Scruggs)? And that this image depicts what happens just an hour before the Robo-Pickers were about to take the stage? Thus illegally throwing the contest in the girl and her dubstep group's favor? 

Now how do you feel about your ASSUMPTIONS?