Ten Questions: About Weddings

by Scott Lydon

In the upcoming year, our resolution is to get to know our community a little better. What you like, what you dislike, who you are. We've learned from talking to you, there's a lot to enjoy by meeting our community!

Two people in love is a beautiful thing. Two people entering into the tragic mistake holy sacrament of marriage is practically unbeatable. Which is why it was so noteworthy when forums member LuminousSpecter decided to propose to forums member socialhazardforhim on the set of the upcoming Narnia movie, Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. And as if that wasn't special enough, the couple were both wearing our shirts!


Gandalf and Saruman walked together here


That's right, whatever happens from now on, we're responsible. We'll have ten questions with LuminousSpecter, a.k.a. Paul, right after the jump…

1) Paul, when you and Courtney first met, were you in Woot shirts? Or did you discover your shared love of our site much later?

When we met, Shirt.Woot was still a twinkle in its' mother's eye. It wasn't until much later that we both discovered our love of Woot Shirts and began ordering them by the bucketload.


all those shirts


2) Have you considered wearing Woot shirts to the wedding? Are you checking every day, hoping for a wedding themed Derby?

We had not, but it's not such a bad idea to have a Wedding Guest themed Derby. That way, when the ushers approach the guests, they don't have to ask which side to seat the person, they'll know by the shirt that is worn. Or wedding party shirts, which would distinguish the real friends from the acquaintances. Something that says "Yes, I was good enough for the wedding party."

3) Our designers would love to know who you were wearing at the proposal. What shirts did you have on?

I was wearing tgentry at the proposal, and Courtney was wearing Polo, if I'm not mistaken. Though she is frequently seen wearing discodancing and sekiyoku. A few days later, I was seen around the set wearing Drakxxx's Dragon Slayer, which went over very well with many, seeing as there are dragons in the film.


Me and Courtney on the Dawn Treader


4) How hard was it to get use of the Dawn Treader? Did you ever hint that they could use you in the background of the movie? Did they nod politely and then call security?

All it took was an e-mail and a wink. And a load of cash for the plane tickets. I smiled the whole time, so that couldn't have hurt, though my chances of being a sailor were hampered by the constant smile while on the set there. I also had a friend living there, who was on vacation in Ireland, call to book the last hotel room available, the night before we left. It was indeed a 'roach motel.' At one point, up on the Dawn Treader, I realized that my cellphone was on, and this was when they were filming and needed complete silence. It was just before a shot that I was able to turn the phone off and save myself thousands of dollars in beer for the crew.

5) If, for some reason, the Dawn Treader plans had fallen through, what would have been your back-up movie?

It would have been either The Last Airbender or Woot! The Movie! starring Christopher Walken, and featuring a special performance of the Woot-off song by Neil Patrick Harris, and written by Conan O'Brien. I must say that if the Dawn Treader plans had actually fallen through, I'm not sure Courtney would have allowed me to wait for the Premiere of the film, which would have been November/December. She didn't even know I was planning on popping the question when I did, though, so that was a plus. I was quite sure she'd say yes, and director Michael Apted also commented on it, saying "We were all hoping she'd say yes."


Me and Courtney feeding a Firefox


6) Your first date was to the first movie, your proposal was the third movie, so based on the trend that seems to be forming, are you planning your wedding around a pre-screening of The Horse and His Boy?

I don't know if Courtney can wait another four years. We might be able to plan for a childbirth at a pre-screening of The Horse and His Boy. "Is there a neo-natal doctor in the house?" I did comment that it'd be great to have the wedding at the World Premiere of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

7) As an American, a Catholic, and a lover of fantasy films… what are your actual feelings about Turkish Delight? Do you feel you personally could be tricked into betraying your whole family and most of a universe for something that doesn't even have a chocolate filling?

Ha ha! As an American, Turkish Delight tastes like soap. As a Catholic, it would take a lot to make me Judas. As a lover of fantasy films, the chocolate filling is essential to this Dúnedain. Of course the nerdy thing to say is that I would have little control over my decisions once I had a bit of Turkish Delight, as it bore magical properties that made him desire that more than the safety of his family. Though I'd like to believe I'd be strong enough to ask for something good, like Peanut Butter Cups.


Wearing Woot Shirts at the Ghostbusters Firehouse


8) We talk tough, but we're really really sappy. So tell us about the moment when you knew you had to be together with Courtney for the rest of your life.

She was in college for most of our relationship, and one night, she was working on homework, and we had just eaten some Oreos. I was going to drive her back up to the college after she finished her paper, and suddenly I raced to the bathroom and began to vomit. She stayed nearby for hours. It was then that I knew. But that's only part of it. She also loves video games, fantasy, movies, and is as American as I and Stephen Colbert, and just as Catholic. She's also willing to put up with me. She's very shy, and I'm very outgoing. I have a knack for talking to just about anyone about anything, and she's willing to go along with it even though it can be overwhelming for her - like when we met the legendary John Tesh. It balances things out.

9) Have you considered stocking up on wine.woot products to help lower the cost of the wedding reception?

I wish I could, but I might have to stock up to help lower the cost of my personal collection. Apparently our hall requires that we hire out a bartender. Does Wine.Woot have a team of Wedding Reception Bartenders on staff? If not, you can use the idea for a single bag of crap. I don't drink much beer, but when I do, I drink Wine.Woot.

10) And finally, when you two eventually have children, will you give them their own wardrobes, or will you force them to use closets until they can find a job and buy their own wardrobes? You know, to build character?

Where else will we get Soccer balls and shoes? But seriously, I was thinking of putting wardrobes in front of the closets, that open up in the back, leading into Narnia. Though I'm not sure I could get away with putting authentic fur coats into the wardrobes without a bit of red paint on them. It's not the cost of the wardrobes that concerns me, it's the cost of the 40-meter long flagship of the King of Narnia that frightens me.


At the Prince Caspian Premiere


Thanks to Paul and Courtney for indulging us, and designers take note! Your shirts could one day be in a wedding party! But, in the meantime, we still want to learn more about you. Done something great? Something ridiculous? Something woot-related? Let us know! Maybe, in 2010, you'll be the one answering the next ten questions!