by wootbot

Learn the TRUTH!

What the government DOESN'T want you to know about DINOSAURS!

Remember what your science teacher taught you about dinosaurs? Well you can THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW because I'm about to drop a little truth bomb right here, right now: dinosaurs were NOT prehistoric creatures. They were WEAPONS developed by a secret government organization in the 60s. When all of the experiments failed, the government BURIED the evidence, hence dinosaurs always getting DUG UP!

So how did they make such monsters? Simple: BY MUTATING DOGS! Think about it: dogs have eyes, AND SO DO DINOSAURS! Dogs have legs, AND SO DO DINOSAURS! Dogs have teeth, AND SO DO DINOSAURS! very few dogs have wings, NOR DO MANY DINOSAURS!

Sure, they've never dug up a dinosaur at a military base, but doesn't that strike you as a little ODD? With all the weird places dinosaurs come out of, NOT ONE WAS UNDER A MILITARY BASE?! It's almost as if SOMEONE is making sure that there is NO CONNECTION in peoples' minds between DINOSAURS and WAR!

C'mon people! It's all so clear! WAKE UP!

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