The Alternative Atomic Model

by wootbot

Which One?

2nd Place in Derby #301: Television, with 214 votes!

Which came first, the theory or the show? That's an interesting question, one that scientists have struggled with for years and years! 

On the one hand, there's the theory, which essentially is about how the universe was created. However, the theory itself is not from the beginning of time, because then it would be like there was a BOOM and immediately a dude stood up and said, "Yo, anyone hear that? That was why we're here!" That's very unlikely. In fact, there may have been no dudes around at all for the Big Bang! 

The show, meanwhile, seems fairly recent, but is celebrated like a timeless classic. Our estimate of when it started is some time in the 1970s, considering its use of old-fashioned studio sets and laugh tracks. Seriously, no one would start a show in the 2000s and give it a laugh track, right?

What we're getting at is that this question - theory versus show in terms of origin date - is, like much of science, not easily answered. And that's why we hate science.