The Captain

by wootbot

Clownfish Question, Bro

Forum posters do it superciliously 

6/2/2013 15:23

this movie suxx

6/2/2013 18:27

why do you say that, <3CLWNFSH? seems perfectly suited to your tastes LOL

6/3/2013 13:27

cuz it never would have just been him and his dad. clownfish dont twerk like that yo. 

6/3/2013 19:22

sorry to break it to you, but sometimes clownfish die :/

6/7/2013 20:27

ya i kno, but clownfish are hermaphroditic. if the dominant female in a territory died, one of the males would change sexes and become the dominant female. so the movie was totally unrealistic. 

6/9/2013 15:56

how about the part where all the animals speak English? XD

9/19/2013 02:56

hello? this is the frustrating part about forum conversations.