The Cheese is a Liederkranz

by Wootbot

And After You Read This, There's Cake

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.

In the entire history of video games, there aren't very|
|something. But when you're playing a game that literally|
|not just thinking in the sense of "where in God's name can|
|wall and then fall through the ceiling in the real world?|
|We all get a little bit closer to the singularity today,|
|in the computer. How could you walk through a warehouse|
|the sense of "wait, if I grow lungs I can live on land?"|
|Joust, those are games we could all play in a|
|they have hidden the red key this time?" but thinking in |
|is based around the idea that you can make a hole in|
|it's just a crappy game from some sellouts who need to get|
|the game... man. That's something that you can only do|
|Something like Doom or Quake or even|
|warehouse if we really wanted to. Maybe we don't have|
|many that literally changed how people think. And|
|ladies and gentlemen. Unless, of course, it sucks. Then|
|flying ostriches, but we could dress up sheepdogs or|
|off their butts and make a new Half-Life.

Wear this shirt: and namecheck|daughter-to-work|still just a rat in a cage.

Don’t wear this shirt: on bring-your-|rage I am|

This shirt tells the world: "Despite all my|t. |videogame hipster.

We call this color: Asphal|Narbacular Drop. You'll look like a|day.


Design Placement: Center

Design Size (front):

3X – S: 13.80” x 9.31”
WXL - K4: 9.00” x 6.07”

Design Size (front):

3X – S: 13.61” x 9.92”
WXL - K4: 9.00” x 6.56”

Pantone Colors: White – Black – 102C – 298C – 144C – 431C

Please check our sizing chart before you order. The Woot Tee follows a classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.