The Class of 2009 Collaborashirt: There’s A Party On Your Torso And Everyone’s Invited

by Jason Toon

Since we can’t all get together IRL this NYE, we’re doing the next best thing: getting Shirt.Wooters together in ink form on a special collaborative t-shirt. The Class of 2009 Collaborashirt will feature up to 50 “guests”, drawn by people like you and chosen by people like us.

How it works is, you’re invited to submit one “guest” for the “party” at this form by December 17. (The form isn't quite working yet - it'll be functional shortly.) Your character must be drawn in a 5” x 5” space, in black on a white background. It doesn’t have to be a self-portrait, but it can be. Otherwise, our usual submission rules apply, as you’ll see on the form page: 600dpi, the usual file types, no celebrity likenesses, etc. And you’ll need to tell us how you want to be credited; otherwise we’ll default to your Woot username.

Then we’ll choose up to 50 of our favorites, lift the velvet rope to let them into the party, combine them into one big crowd, and print them on a shirt that we’ll sell on Thursday, December 31. The final shirt won’t necessarily be black-on-white; it’s just easier for us to work with your images if they’re submitted that way.

Obviously, this is a big departure from how we usually do shirts. So there’s a special contract covering this one, which you’ll need to agree to before you submit. Essentially, the artist’s fee for this shirt will be divided up to 50 ways, depending on how many artists are chosen to appear. Divvying up our usual commission ($1000 for the first day, $2 per shirt sold after that) means that each chosen artist will receive at least $20 plus 4 cents per shirt sold after day one. You’ll also get one free shirt and your name printed on a special tag inside the shirt. If we choose to let less than 50 guests into this exclusive soiree, each chosen artist’s share will be more. Since we don’t know how to split up a copyright 50 ways, Woot will hold the copyright for the Class of 2009 Collaborashirt.

Ok, then: you’ve got one week to put together your little black & white party guest. Hope to see you there! And no nudity, OK?