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The Descent Of Snowman

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After eight years spent studying a 1.8-day-old snowman skull uncovered in northern Iowa, scientists have made a discovery that may rewrite the evolutionary history of snow-man. 

The skull (the most complete of its kind, missing only a carrot nose, coal eyes, and corncob pipe), was found alongside several other snow-person crania. This afforded scientists the opportunity to compare several samples from contemporaneous specimens, a rarity in snow-paleontology. 

"Had the braincase been found in another town -- Des Moines, say," Explained lead researcher Dr. Snowmann, "We would have attributed it to another species entirely. However, because they were all found in the same yard, we can be confident that they share a recent heredity." 

Further analysis of the skull is planned to continue before the specimen melts later this afternoon.