The Crest of Awesome

by wootbot

Aw, Some Awesome

This is not an exhaustive list. 

Some other "awesome" things that did not make the cut for this design, being less well suited for graphical representation:

  • The absence of dental tartar
  • Fixing a tough problem
  • Waking gently from a deep, restorative sleep
  • The sound of a high five
  • Wit
  • Bittersweet memories of lost love
  • The smell of home
  • Being in the right
  • Self-improvement
  • A tight funk bass line
  • Good flavors
  • The underlying mathematical framework of the universe
  • The love a mother has for her son
  • A nice, clean, reasonably priced hotel right in the heart of town
  • The idea of America
  • Satiety